As I head into d-day on Friday, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the support I’ve gotten from my mom, my sisters, my grandparents and some very, very special friends. And I am focusing today’s post on my grandparents. They have been simply amazing since the moment they found out Pete and I were divorcing. From being very supportive and just THERE for me (in particular, during the holidays)…they have this way of silently showing their support in so many ways, and it has boosted me up and made me feel stronger, and happier.

They’ve also brought me closer to God, and introduced me to an amazing minister – Joel Osteen – a minster that has infused a new fire in me, helped me see things in a completely new light, and given me amazing perspective on the obstacles I have faced. Joel has this way of expressing various passages in the Bible in such “real world” terms that just hits me in the right way and is just so inspiring. For example, when saying goodbye to my grandparents today in Maine, they mentioned how touching and so “right” Joel’s message was today. I just watched today’s episode, and they were right, it was perfectly timed to where I am right now.

It was focused on facing obstacles head on, and not focusing so much on what you are going THROUGH, but focusing on what you are going TO. I love that!! He goes on to say that we need to take the hand we are dealt in life – whether it be a divorce, financial strife, or other hardships and WIN with it. Realize that you are strong enough, and you can move past whatever you are being challenged with, and keep that “never say die” attitude. To light a new fire on the inside of you, and become everything God created you to be. That’s so powerful, and it’s so empowering. And I would never have found Joel, or found my way back to God, if it weren’t in large part for my grandparents’ gentle influence. I am so lucky to have them, truly blessed.

In closing, Joel’s final statement that I’ve captured: “have victory in your DNA, don’t complain, don’t give up, because a new season is about to begin.” Couldn’t be closer to the truth.