Well, as the unofficial end of summer is here, on a beautiful Labor Day Monday afternoon, I thought it would only be fitting to reflect on what a wonderful summer it has been in so many ways. So this is my top 10 list (in no particular order) of my favorite moments and activities of the summer…and a few upcoming fall moments I’m sure will be unforgettable:

  1. Two fantastic weeks in Maine (here and here)
  2. Boys, boys boys…diving into the dating game a la match.com (many posts can be found under the “dating” category and finding my inner “flirt” a la CSB aka holy grail of hotness!)
  3. Cathe Road Trip 2009 (what a sweat- and fun-filled weekend with some great friends!)
  4. Many, many GNIs and GNOs (girls night ins and outs) with my circle of friends that have been my mainstays throughout this ordeal (you know who you are, and I am grateful to God for each of you!)
  5. Remembering Nonna, in part by spending extra time with my grandparents in Maine, and celebrating their 60 years of marriage.
  6. Running three 5Ks this summer (and a few more on tap for fall!)
  7. Getting through the divorce paperwork and short sale process all while staying sane. On the almost-eve of divorce finality (Friday) and the short sale/move (Oct 1), this summer has had it’s stressful moments, but I’m proud to have gotten through it!
  8. Finding my cadence with Pete…we’ve evolved quite a bit this summer into a pretty good friendship. Heck, I gave him dating advice, and he’s helping me move. That’s a pretty good place, I think!
  9. Thoroughly enjoying every  summer day as much as possible.  Thought we were ripped off with a crappy June, I don’t feel overly cheated this summer, because I have made a concerted effort to spend as much time as possible outside, by the pool, by the lake, on the patio, whereever I possibly can.  A little sun, a little fun, and a little wine never hurt anyone, if you ask me!
  10. Many, many, many summer cookouts…getting the most of out my pool and yard with family and friends. It’s been a good one!!

So, there you have it…I’ve probably oversimplified some of it, but put simply, it just HAS been a fantastic summer and thinking back to those unforgettable moments invigorates me, and I look forward to coming full circle this fall (as Halloween was when we unofficially broke up), being the happiest I ever have, in the best shape as I can be, and ticking off even more “firsts” – including a fantastic trip to wine country in October, seeing U2 later this month, and MOVING into my own place! Sounds like I already have some items lined up for my fall top 10, don’t I?!