…and the divorce finality is starting to really hit me. I re-read my blog yesterday, and for some reason, the quote “that’s what happens in the end…you start thinking about the beginning” feels so tragically accurate right now.

I’ve been thinking about writing a letter to Pete. Sort of a goodbye to what we had, hello to the future of “us” as a friendship entity (and posting that letter here, tomorrow, prior to Friday, where I plan to post my thoughts post-divorce). But as I think about writing it, I get this overwhelming sense of sadness. As though all of those feelings last October come rushing back and I just want to run away from it all over again, but I think now, this is how I am cleansing, getting it all out, feeling it – as raw as it feels, and as real as it feels – so I can move on. Purely. Strongly. And optimistically.

So, look for that letter tomorrow (if I can get myself to actually write it).


In lighter news…I finally had a date with match.com boy #6 last night – the one I’ve been trying to meet for oh, five weeks now. I’m glad I didn’t blog about it beforehand, in case I jinxed it, because it went really well. I’m almost afraid to admit that I like him, because I’m gunshy he’ll never call again (but that’s probably just me purely overthinking, as usual), but not only was he SUPER SUPER cute (I mean, he is thisclose to rivaling the holy grail of hotness…but for some reason CSB is still ahead – ha), he was a gentleman…stood up when I arrived, gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug when I arrived (and after walking me back to my car), and we have a lot in common (and some things NOT so in common, which I totally dig). He’s also recently divorced, 30, and getting back into dating, so that’s pretty cool too. He’s traveling for the next couple weeks, so don’t expect any sort of update on that for awhile, but it was a great time, I felt chemistry and hopefully, date #2 is in our future.