feeling alone but not because I AM alone in this. Yesterday’s post sparked some comments (on the blog and off) and I wanted to clarify a few things that maybe I wasn’t articulating very well yesterday, but after 24 hours, feel a little more clear-headed about it.

During the fun-filled wine-o-weekend on the cape, I throughly enjoyed spending time with two amazing couples that have shown strength in many ways – different ways – but many ways – and I think that’s one small part of what made me feel alone, and not because they did anything whatsoever, but just experiencing them in their everyday life (72 hours can be telling! In a good way!) – how much they love each other, respect each other, and have overcome their own relationship obstacles. We talked a lot and I learned a lot about them that I maybe hadn’t even realized they had gone through, or their fears, and I MISS having someone that I know that no matter what, I’ll go through everything together with this person, and have that fallback person in my life that will be there to support me, love me, hold me, and just BE there for me. I know that person will appear in my life at some point, but the unknown – the being single for almost a year part – starts to get to me sometimes. I just want to scream out – someone hug me or kiss me or hold me! Please! (wow, if I really said that out loud in a crowded room, I’d *probably* get some stares, huh?!). But then, I think, I don’t want just ANYONE to do that – clearly – but I know I want that, and I want that relatively soon, so hopefully it will happen for me…

…but on the flip side, I know I am NOT alone because I have a fantastic family and great friends that will “hug” and “kiss” me in their own ways – just by supporting me and spending time with me. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters the most? Men may come and go, but friends and family – they’re a lifetime comittment in my book. And THAT my friends, makes me feel a whole lot LESS alone.