if all goes well, I’ll be sitting in my new townhouse, and out of this house that I’ve lived in for almost 5 years. Wow. It’s started to sink in, as my living room is empty, for the most part (gave Pete the couches, I got a new super cute sofa/chaise for myself!) and I’m starting to collect boxes, forward my mail, etc.

What’s getting me is how much this house is a huge part of the comfort zone I am so trapped in…I’ve lived here for five years, I’ve worked at my job for more than 7, I just got out of a 10 year relationship/marriage. That’s a lot of lengthy engagements, without a lot of change thrown in. Now, I am facing a complete turnaround (except the job – blame the economy!) and on one hand, it scares the pants off me, but on the other, it feels SO exciting. I AM looking forward to having my own place, but I am so accustomed to coming home here, too.

What I won’t miss – feeling like this is “our” house, not mine, dealing with all the upkeep a house requires (lawn, pool, snow removal in winter, paying for OIL HEAT!), feeling somewhat-constant unease sleeping alone (my bedroom is ground level, and though on one hand, it’s nice to look outside and see the yard, on the other, I feel safer on the second floor sleeping – I’ll have that in my new place!). What I WILL miss – the pool, living in a house and not having to “deal” with neighbors (though my neighbors are pretty close on both sides, so it’s not a HUGE change, and it’s not as though I am moving into an apartment where I’d be in even close quarters. In my townhouse, I only share one wall), the newly-renovated bathroom.

So, there are some shortfalls to both, I suppose, but overall, I REALLY am looking forward to moving, despite it feeling scary, in a way. It will allow me to fully start fresh, as a single almost-30-something (ack! less than a month away!) woman ready to start the next chapter(s) of my life.

…okay I feel better now 😉