but, things are still chugging along on the match.com front.

Waiting for boy #6 to return from some travels, and hopefully we will meet up again (though, again, now that I said it…) because I did like him a lot. Also have a few good convos going with potentially #7, 8 and 9, so we’ll see where those go. Two of the three are also divorced, and I am finding that we definitely have a lot in common and almost a good understanding on what we are looking for, without really saying it. Not to say that all of those divorcees out there that I talk to would agree, but at least right now, I am getting that sense initially.

On the CSB front, oddly enough, he *finally* mentions CSBGF in an email – by name, but not by “my girlfriend” (I just remember her name because a) it’s sort of a cheesy, hokey name – meow! and b) it’s on his Facebook page). Struck me as funny since he knew I got divorced on Friday, and then happens to mention going away with CSBGF this weekend. Interesting. I’m still looking at it as a fun, flirty thing, anyway, because after all, he IS the holy grail of hotness, and if that’s the way it stays, all good in my book. Plenty of other hotness candidates in the future for me, I hope 😉

Disclaimer – hoping my iterations of “hot,” “cute,” good-looking” boys isn’t coming across to you all that I’m flaky, only focused on appearance etc., because I’m really not – and everyone’s “definition” of good-looking is different, anyway. Of course, appearances play a part in the chemistry thing, but it’s not the only thing that counts, either.

Short post today – and seriously, hopefully I didn’t jinx myself now 😉