I don’t know about you, but context is everything. And when you don’t have context, you don’t have the full story, you don’t even have half of the story, you just have one small piece floating out there with nowhere to go. That’s usually why I try to put as much context as I can around my thoughts and perceptions and observations, but if they’re taken out of context regardless, then what is said vs. what is perceived can be quite skewed.

With that vague explanation FOR CONTEXT (lol), it can be frustrating when what I explain about whatever I am feeling or observing, or concluding is taken as fact (when it’s not – it’s my opinion or perception of something) and not for what it is – my ruminations. I guess that’s the risk you run into when you blog – that level of transparency is there for anyone to see, whether you want them to see it or not. And while I tend to limit who I actually tell or show this blog (I don’t post it on any of my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter pages etc) and don’t reveal my last name, the Internet is easily searchable and I can’t control that.

So, what I can do – and what I will do – is focus my posts, as I usually try to, as much as possible, be as fair as possible in what I am saying and do what I love to do and what I have done since starting this blog in February – share my triumphs, share my anxieties and worries, my feelings and in short, my journey. Because it will continue and I’m looking forward to every post, every comment, and every new visitor I get. So, bring it on!