sucks! 😉

Finally bit the bullet and started packing today, with about a week to go (moving on Monday, Sept 28) – nothing like waiting till the last minute, right? I’m usually very type A, but for some reason, have totally been dragging my feet on packing. I think part of the reluctance is in the inevitable – all the memories of the past (almost) five years of living here, and all that has happened…getting engaged in the bedroom, getting married, remodeling the bathroom, and doing countless other home renovations to make this home our own. And now, as I sit here looking around at boxes, and empty spaces, it feels as though all of that has faded away into oblivion, cemented into memory-hood, no longer my life.

As sad as that feels in a way, it also feels very liberating. Because, as I look around, everything in here is mine, now, the pictures, the decorations, everything. And, next week, it will ALL be mine, my own place, my fresh start to make new memories. For that, I can’t wait.

I feel truly blessed as well that this short sale process is coming to a (laborious) close, without all too many snags, and  if all goes according to plan, the house will be officially sold on October 10. It already feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, despite the huge loss we’re taking on the house itself, and I know God has been watching me, and making sure everything DID go according to plan – His plan.

So, now that I’m aching, tired, and half-packed, I’m ready to get the rest of my weekend kicked into gear…it’s going to be a goodie, I can feel it.