I have some of the bestest friends on the planet. During our girls night last night, they presented me with a “divorce cake” complete with a picture of me adorned in a superhero uniform! It was really the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (and if I could look that good in a two-piece superhero outfit, that would be awesome! LOL) and the thought behind it really made the night even better.

But then I got to thinking about the superhero moniker and ya know what? Sometimes, looking back at things, there were times that I felt that I was outside of my body looking in and wondering how the heck I was getting through it all. It was as if I was operating as two separate people – the inside “me” – scared, weak, and sad and the outside “me” – strong and pushing through it all. Maybe that was the “superhero” me that I didn’t know I had in me coming to the forefront…I kind of dig that juxtaposition, and in a sense, I suppose it fits, in a way. Not to say I was THE strongest, THE happiest, the MOST invincible I could be through all this, but I think I did alright for myself, and the fact that I am writing this in past tense is striking me right now, as I type…is this “situation” now past tense?! Maybe it is, or at least it is feeling more and more past tense as I gear up to move in a week, and start fresh, on my own (with 30 faaaaast approaching as well!)

Anyway, those are my ruminations for the evening. Sort of a mishmash, but it seems to make sense (at least to me!). And, as another weekend comes to a close, I am trying my hardest to heed my own words – trying not to dread the week at work, and just take solace and pleasure in the little things. I have a lot to look forward to, and I can’t let work drama get me down! (now, if I keep repeating it over and over, hopefully it’ll stick!)