So, apparently, there are a few of these in the pipeline for this week, but I am SO excited that the first part of my SinceMyDivorce interview posted today on Mandy’s blog. The focus of this post is my fear of living alone when Pete and I first separated – it was almost unbearable to be alone in the house, especially during the dark, dreary months of winter.

Here is an excerpt (check out Mandy’s blog for the rest!):

I had never lived alone. I’m a triplet so my sisters and I have always been really close. We’ve done everything together and then we grew into relationships. So I shifted from being very close to my sisters to being very close with a boyfriend and then husband and never really being on my own.

I didn’t even like sleeping in the house by myself and that was before my ex moved out. I hated it. His family lives two states away and every few months he would go visit them. Sometimes I would go and sometimes I would stay home but I would dread those weekends because I hated being by myself. I hated being alone. I hated sleeping alone. I didn’t even like being in the house on my own during the day. That was probably the most daunting, scary part of the divorce. I didn’t know how to be alone. I didn’t know how to enjoy it.

As I’ve posted before, I cherish my alone time now, and feel more balanced and refreshed when I can have some time to myself to regroup for the next day’s activities. Funny how things can shift so dramatically when you’re forced to react to a situation that you’ve always feared, isn’t it?


PS – I hit 9,000 hits last night – I don’t quite know how the numbers are spiking so much, but in looking at my blog stats, the hits look pretty legit, which is awesome. Keep it comin!