**Annoyed – this was supposed to post yesterday!**

Last night’s Joel Osteen minstry was superb, and I was watching it and trying to get my mindset straight for the week (knowing this week is going to be pretty insane at work, and also on the home front), and as usual, the content hit straight home. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Too many people go around negative and discouraged. They focus on their problems, what they can’t do, and how they’ll never accomplish their dreams. If we’re not careful, that same spirit can rub off on us.

God wants us to have a different kind of spirit, a spirit of faith. When everyone else is complaining and shrinking back in fear, you move forward in faith. Instead of talking defeat, you talk victory. When others are complaining, discouraged and overwhelmed by their problems, you are at peace and full of joy. You have a spring in your step because you know God is in complete control. Even when the giants in our lives look big, we have a different perspective; we know our God is bigger. It may look impossible, but we know God is able.

This was exactly what I needed to hear then, and even more so today, when it feels like all the sh%&t is hitting the fan at work and I just can’t keep up, and feel a bit defeated and ready to just give up. It’s SO unbelievably hard not to let work stresses and aggravation and anxiety get you down, make you want to throw in the towel and not care anymore, but that’s being defeated and not being victorious against these challenges. Why it feels like it was “easier” to get through “the situation” and much more difficult to get through a challenging period of work utterly shocks me, becuase it should be the other way around (or not at all!), and I shouldn’t let it literally ruin my mood, outlook or work quality.

So, instead of truly worrying myself into a hole of futility and paralysis, I’m in desperate need of refocusing, and honing in on just getting through the tough spots, doing my job, and putting my faith and trust in God that I’ll pass this test and move forward in victory, NOT defeat. Care to join me?