The second part of my SinceMyDivorce blog posted this morning and I love the juxtaposition between the two – from being completely petrified of living alone, to relishing the quiet moments by myself. It’s truly been an evolutionary process and I can now take solace in being alone. It’s funny, because this week has been insane and I have barely been home, yet I am anxious to be home so I can regroup (and um, PACK!). I feel out of whack when I don’t have some time to myself – funny how that changes!!

Here’s a good excerpt:

How did I get to like being alone? It was just an evolution of being forced to do it. My family and friends have been extremely supportive throughout my divorce and anytime I didn’t want to be alone I would always have somebody available for company. Nobody ever got into bashing my ex or our relationship. They were just there to support me.

Once I wasn’t so afraid of it anymore I realized that it felt more empowering and I liked having control over what I was doing and not relying on somebody else. I remember coming home once, I was supposed to have plans but they’d fallen through so I was bummed out about it. Then I thought, ‘You know, this isn’t so bad. I’m just going to have a glass of wine and I’m going to watch a movie by myself.’ It was great.

I must say talking about my experience with Mandy was so great. I am so used to just writing about it, for the most part, or talking about it with friends or family that know the situation, so it was sort of enlightening to talk through it all with someone who didn’t. For any of your divorcees out there (or soon-to-be), I encourage you to speak with Mandy, and share your story as well!!


on a side note – I had a REALLY good date last night! I guess this must be what, boy #7 at this point? I can’t keep track of them all – a few of them fell off before turning into actual dates for various reasons, so I’ve only technically been on four dates (with four different guys!) and I joke that I’m at the date #1 curse…but am hopeful this will turn into date #2…stay tuned!