I didn’t realize I was getting a three-part interview series on SinceMyDivorce – how exciting 😉 And, I heard fromMandy that yesterday’s post on her blog made it to the BlogHer headlines, which is amazing. Yesterday was also my biggest day yet for hits (with 148 – usually I hover around 100 or so), which is incredible.

The focus of today’s entry was all about emerging from the shadows of divorce, and “feeling more like me” – the “me” I never knew I had. Here’s a good excerpt:

I’m actually really grateful this ended up happening. It ended up being for the best. I’ve learned so much more about myself and what I’m capable of in terms of being strong and being able to get through something more difficult than I ever thought. I’ve gained a lot of perspective – perspective is something you learn and you have to keep reminding yourself. It’s so easy to get bogged down with what’s wrong in your life – suddenly the world is ending and nothing is going right when maybe one or two things aren’t going right but look at the little things that you can relish everyday that make life not so bad.

Mandy adds a few bits of commentary that sum it up really well, too:

Like Jolene, I feel more like me since my divorce – I’m enjoying life more, laughing more, socializing more and smiling more. And yes, it was a very difficult episode to go through but I’m glad I found the strength to do it. I’m better for no longer being married – not sure if my ex would say the same – wonder if I dare ask him? How about you? Is your life better for being divorced?

If you haven’t visited Jolene’s blog, do! She writes beautifully and you’ll want to find out if boy #7 turns into a second date.

Heehee – love the comment re: boy #7…I won’t give away too much, but let’s just say I’m thinking the curse may be broken (re: actually moving to a date #2 for once!). 😉