Like I wrote on my Facebook status tonight, I’ve *almost* never been happier to see a week end than I have this week, I’ve been wishing and hoping for the week to end. It was an intense work-week, combined with a massive amount of packing, boxes piling up and overall chaos and when I don’t have any sense of organization in my personal OR work life, I tend to get super stressed out. That was me this week. ALL week. And then I came across this quote and wanted to take all the complaining about the week to end:

“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.”

Wow. If that doesn’t say “stop rushing,” I don’t know what does!! Sure, it was an insane week, but there were plenty of bright spots – including date #1 with boy #7 (this was by far, my best date so far, and we’ve already discussed date #2, but I am refraining from further details until it actually occurs!), and oh, I don’t know, the pending sale of my house and fresh start in my new townhouse hovering!

I have a lot more milestones coming up, and coming up fast, that I need to take a step back, BREATHE, and stop rushing through it all. Sure, I can’t WAIT to move and unpack all the boxes and get settled, but part of the fun of it, is experiencing the move itself, de-cluttering, buying new fun things for my new home, and arranging it just as I want it.

And, after that, I still have a LOT more to look forward to – including the big 3-0 celebration with my sisters, family, and friends, and after that, WINE COUNTRY! So, this is my reminder to myself – stop rushing, take a step back, and breathe it all in. Cheers!