and I’m just about finished packing, with 48 hours or so to g0. Hard to believe I have THAT many boxes for just me, plus minimal furniture to move since I’ve given Pete some of it and gotten rid of some of it as well, and that five years equates, now, to 41 boxes. I get a little reminiscent thinking about the time I’ve spent in this home, but seeing it basically empty, devoid of memories, it feels so much like the past already. Strange how packing and getting rid of certain things that can accelerate that feeling of attachment, sadness or sadness to see something go.

It’s actually feeling more and the more the opposite, especially as I look forward and see so MUCH to look forward to, near- and long-term, and I think I’m finally, officially, 100% ready to kick this house to the curb (no longer my home), start the next phase of my life, and never look back, never think twice, and always know, deep down, that this was the right decision for me. I feel completely sure of that, no what if’s, no wondering, no nothing. This is it, it’s (almost) go time!!