Wow, it’s been a LONG 36ish hours or so. Moving is no joke…I’ve never quite experienced a full-on move, to be honest, as when we bought our house, I moved from my mom’s house and didn’t have much stuff. Well, I have a LOT OF STUFF now, apparently. We didn’t even fit it all in the 14 footer I rented, and had to take THREE more car fulls afterwards. I do have to thank Pete SO much for all of his help. He was awesome, and so helpful throughout the day, never complained and even put together my stuff from IKEA (and is coming by tonight to finish the job!), and didn’t leave till after 10. It was nice, actually, to spend the day together and just talk like two friends – it wasn’t awkward, it wasn’t sad (though I did cry when I saw the house empty! just sort of hit me), it was normal and it felt like this is exactly where we should be, in life, and in our evolving relationship.

…we even talked about our dating/sexual lives post-marriage, which was a little interesting (I can just see half of you shaking your heads in awe, and the other half thinking “she’s sharing too much!”), but also felt completely normal. We talked about dating, we talked about what we both want in future relationships, we teased each other (me on his GF, him on boy #7), it was just funny.

…and speaking of boy #7 (yes, I realize this post is rambling, but I’m trying to cover a lot of bases I haven’t been able to in the last few days!) – Sunday was a fantastic evening!! He made me dinner (swordfish, veggies and whole grain pasta), we had wine (I tried ice wine for the first time – sweet, but good “dessert” wine), we watched a REALLY strange comedy (Sex and Death 101 – STRANGE but oddly intriguing!), and we um, had a bit of “fun” afterward…and I’m a lady, so I won’t share details, but I will say, he works out (a lot), and it shows, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve 😉 Hope to see him again soon, so he can see my new place!

And, on that note, I’ll end tonight’s blog as I am back to unpacking, organizing and getting myself situated. But I finally feel home.


By the way, the fourth installment of my SinceMyDivorce interview has posted, and it’s super timely – all about selling the house and moving on. Give it a read – Mandy has some good words of advice, and thoughts on going through a similar situation.