The timing of Mandy’s blog posts based on my interview with her is just so uncanny – because it’s really falling in line with how I am feeling right now. Yesterday’s post on the short sale, and today’s on being friends with Pete post-divorce. With Pete’s help during the move, and all of the time we spent leading into, and after that, has really shown me that we CAN sustain a friendship for the long term….our conversation isn’t forced, we can pretty much talk about anything (clearly) and I think we genuinely like each other and have respect for each other, and that means everything.

Here’s a good excerpt from Mandy’s blog today:

We’ve always been friends and that was the way we ended our marriage. It wasn’t my choice but I’m actually glad my ex made that decision. It sounds cliché but he said he loved me but was not in love with me. He felt we were more best friends than husband and wife. At first I didn’t understand that. I didn’t see it but looking back now I think it’s true. I think in all marriages you have to work at keeping that spark going and somehow we lost it and didn’t ever really get it back or work to gain it back. Our relationship has always been a friendship and once I got past that, I thought maybe he was right,  I thought, ‘Maybe it is better that we end this now before we end up hating each other.’

I really think this is key – we did this NOW before it got to a point where we hated each other, or no-turning-back hatred set in. I don’t hate Pete, and that gives me peace and closure. As funny as that sounds…and I feel very content right now (especially as I sit in my new digs, really feeling comfortable, happy, and safe).