I’m feel truly blessed today but the love I feel from my close circle of friends! They’ve planned a “chic” bar crawl down Newbury Street in Boston today for us, and haven’t told us any details except where to meet and what time (2 pm! Gotta pace myself today!!). It’s so exciting and fun, especially because I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone thrown a birthday party FOR me, I’ve always sort of just planned outings for my birthday myself, with my sisters, so this is truly special. And, as it’s our 30th birthday on Tuesday, it’s particularly special, and such a milestone, in many more ways than just the number.

Some people don’t care much for their birthday, but my sisters and I have ALWAYS loved to celebrate our birthday (and maybe part of the reason is because it’s so much more fun to celebrate it together!) and the running joke is that we don’t have just ONE day, we have multiple. Damn straight! We deserve more than one as there *are* three of us, after all, right?? So there are multiple things planned, starting with today…and then on our birthday, dinner with the fam, followed closely by SONOMA! And after that, one more party with those that couldn’t make it to today’s shindig. See, told ya, we don’t mess around 😉

Happy (almost) birthday to me 🙂