I turned 30 today. Wow. Feels like I’m rounding the culmination of this journey in more ways than one! I’m amazed at the mini-milestones that have all become clustered around the last 3-4 weeks or so! God really does work in mysterious, yet calculated ways, doesn’t He? Divorce – 9/11, moving – 9/28, birthday, 10/6, house closing – 10/8, WINE COUNTRY – 10/8!! It’s been an amazing, yet extremely hectic few weeks, but it’s been worth the stress, anxiety, and emotional rollercoaster to get to this point, and it feels so rewarding and RIGHT, I can’t even put it into words properly!

Thinking about turning 30, even six months ago, felt like a mean reminder that I’ll be 30 and divorced…might as well slap a sign on my forehead with a bullseye on it, was how it felt…almost discouraging, but then I began thinking about it more, and as the weeks and months waned on, and today inched closer, I began looking forward to it, and now, it feels so RIGHT to be 30. It feels balancing, in a way. 30 – a milestone, a hard and fast age, not 29, teetering on 30, not 28, too far from 25, but not close enough to 30 to feel defining. 30 feels purposeful, meaningful, and strong. I’ve learned MORE in the last year about myself, life, and what I’m capable of than I probably have in the last TEN. COMBINED. That’s amazing.

And I am REALLY looking forward to 30…as I listen to Joel Osteen’s ministry tonight, all focused on new ideas, new friendships, new favor and increase, it feels as though he’s speaking to me, and encouraging me to push forward, try new things and keep learning. Bring it. I’m ready.


On another note? HOW fitting…I hit 10,000 visitors today!!! WOW. I started this blog in February, and now, in early October, I’ve hit 10,000 views. I feel blessed and thrilled that people are reading, and I can’t say that enough. I hope my words, thoughts and experiences are helpful. For those that know me, I hope even YOU are learning more about me and experiencing this journey with me. It’s been rewarding and so fun.