So, as I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts (here and here, to name a few), Pete and I have really come through this divorce quite amicably. We’ve had our strained moments, or moments of frustration, but those were largely at the beginning of “the situation” and not as things progressed.

When our divorce became final, I thought we’d start drifting further apart as things evolve, but it’s actually feeling quite the opposite, surprisingly. He came by the other day to help with a few more IKEA-related items that I needed help with (hey, he offered! He loves this stuff!) and we were talking about the dating thing, and we both shared some of our thoughts on our own situation (mine with boy #7) and it was just nice to vent and get a guy’s perspective on the weirdness that occured (boy #7 – no more!). He’s been very supportive of my dating endevours and didn’t like that this guy was treating me this way. He said I deserve better, I’m beautiful inside and out, and not to settle for less. That was just something he didn’t have to say, by any means, and it was very sweet and thoughful. And that was the first time I really thought our friendship could have more lasting staying power. I hope it does, because it’s working well, and it’s not like there are any other motives at play. It’s a peaceful feeling, and I’m happy with it! Call it unconventional, call it weird, but for me, for us, it’s still working. So I’m not questioning it.

In other ex news…I think I’ve mentioned I’ve been chatting a bit with my high school boyfriend. We’ve been out of touch for at least 12-13 years, and he was always a great guy (disclaimer: NOT like that – he’s married with a child – and I don’t think of him that way, obviously). There’s a potential that he may be setting me up with one of his co-workers. Weird? Perhaps? But for me, it seems to be going along with my track record of friendships with exes, no?