As of 10 am this morning, my house is officially sold and I am no longer a homeowner! Now, that may sound strange – wait, she doesn’t want to own a home?! But after going through the ridiculous short sale process we’ve had to go through to get rid of a house that is WAY underwater and WAY too expensive for one person to afford on their own, it is a huge relief to officially close on the sale today.

It really came down to the wire, too, with some last-minute snafus last night with both mortgage companies, but my realtor worked some magic (and I have no doubt God was working his miracles as well!), and I swear I was going to have a heart attack yesterday in anticipation, but we made it, free and clear (well, as free and as clear as one can get through a short sale). I know there is still a bit of legwork to get through, with filing our taxes and making sure that goes smoothly (it should), and I’ll need to build back my credit (shot down 100 or so points I think), but for me, that was the risk I was willing to take to get out of a now-poor investment and move on with my life.

I’m relieved, I’m proud and I can’t wait to fly the heck out of here and to Sonoma tonight!! Wine country here I come!! I’m going to try to write a blog or two from California, but if not, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts when I return πŸ™‚