So, I’ve been in a funk over the last couple of days. Call it PMS or call it posts-best-vacation-ever-letdown (kinda like after the holidays, it’s like okay, now what do I do?!), but I’ve been sort of down and out on the whole dating thing (gee, maybe this post belongs on This is Why I Date? 😉 ).

I’m still a little peeved and taken aback over how the whole boy #7 situation went down, and it’s not so much WHAT happened, but it’s – like I mentioned in my earlier post on that situation – but that I guess men are still boys in some respects, in terms of maturity, being upfront and honest, and just GENUINE. I don’t know if it’s that the men I’ve found on aren’t looking for the same things as me (even though their profiles and emails indicate lots in common…surprise, surprise), that I’ve FOUND them on, or if that’s just the way some men still are these days, but it’s frustrating to think I need an even stronger filter when it comes to men I date, and part of me wonders if it’s worth it.

Of course, I say that now, and who knows what will happen. But, I think there is something to be said for just letting things happen naturally and not trying to force fit something on or any other dating site, or being set up by a friend etc, that I find attractive, yet, at the same time, how long do I “wait” to let that happen naturally? Not that I’m in a HUGE rush to date or settle down necessarily, but I do want to find that someone that genuinely cares for me and the fear of the unknown – how long that will take – grates on me a bit from time to time.

So, I guess I’m just saying I’m feeling a little disillusioned about dating right now, or maybe dating is disillusioning ME. Or maybe I am just overly emotional this week and overthinking it all. I hope it’s the latter, because for the most part, dating has been fun, and new, and I want to keep that feeling and capture it again….with boy #8, or 9, or 10, or whomever (little teaser…there may be another date with said boy #8 looming..but as you know, I’m not saying more until it actually happens!).

Sort of a rambling post today. Bear me with me, I’m emotional 😉