Ahhhhhh <– that’s me breathing in a sigh of relaxation, with a smidge of relief. As I’ve mentioned, it’s been an insane month or two, and I have been craving a day for myself, and now I’m getting it, and totally drinking it all in. I’ve got a clean house, laundry done, and the crockpot brewing up a delicious pot of chicken cacciatore, so I’m feeling pretty good!

Today has also given me some time to do two things: make some blog tweaks, and think. Let’s tackle the tweaks first. I’m now on Twitter!! I use Twitter at work for my job, and I never put my blog in my personal Twitter feed, because of just that reason – it’s personal. But I struggle with wanting to publicize it in some way to broaden my reach a bit. Not that I am complaining, because my visitor rate keeps shooting up! I surpassed my all-time high last month, at around the 150 range, and Thursday and Friday, I surpassed that again, twice! 167 and 168 hits, respectively, which is awesome. I hope to keep broadening out, and eventually, I plan to buy my own domain and really start to funk up the blog (and er, learn some HTML so I can really do a lot more than this templated stuff! Any tips – send em my way!!). So, if you are on Twitter, follow me here!! There is also a button to the right to follow me, as well as a stream of recent tweets.

In terms of thinking…I’ve been battling myself today a bit. I keep getting into this mini-funk, where I get down about the dating thing, and then beat myself up mentally, scolding myself for feeling that way! But I realize – and I need to remember this and sear it into my brain – I need to feel my emotions and let them out, rather than try and push them back for the sake of being positive. Yes, I am a positive person most of the time, but I think I use that drive to be positive and happy as a way to push back my emotions sometimes, and not FEEL them and get them out of my system. So, I’m back at it – staying positive, keeping on the dating kick, and seeing what happens. No sense overthinking it, right?