Tomorrow is it – our would-be three year wedding anniversary, and I’m actually relieved it’s almost here…somewhat because I’ve  dreaded the day itself a bit, just based on what it used to signify, but I’m feeling pretty good going into it, so hopefully tomorrow is just another day and it doesn’t weigh on me too much (I’ve already spent too much time thinking about it, I think…see, I’m trying to do better at FEELING my emotions!).

Anyway, I heard from my lawyer today, and my divorce judgement paperwork is in. What does that mean? I can officially change my name!! How exciting is that?! I’ve changed it unofficially at work, professionally, and personally, but all of the legal documents have yet to be changed, for obvious reasons, and am looking forward to making it officially uh, official. It just felt so fitting to get that news today, on the “would-be anniversary eve.” I think God truly works in mysterious ways…even small things like this (small to some, big to others!).

…and look forward to my post tomorrow looking back on things, and feeling a sense of calm and peace with everything. Hope you like it.