So, I totally kept this one on the down-low, but I had a date tonight – let’s call him boy #8 (I say that because he MAY have been another number earlier, but we sort of stopped emailing after I got back from a vaca this summer and we reconnected a few weeks ago – long story, nothing bad, though, and he SEEMS normal…so far).

So, part of my reason for keeping this one on the DL – 1) I didn’t want to jinx it, like some of the other earlier dates with other boy #s, and 2) he wanted to meet somewhere low-key…as in a coffee shop. The last part of that made me nervous – does he want an early exit strategy? Is he boring? Is he not convinced he really wants to go on a date with me?? Well, it didn’t really seem to be any of those things, to be honest, so I am coming home pleasantly surprised…and we kept a conversation going over coffee for 2 1/2 hours – that’s pretty impressive, no?

So the details – he is admittedly a bit shy (which, as one my sisters pointed out – is funny coming from me, because I’ve been labeled shy in the past!), but he seems genuinely nice. And I know what you may be thinking (or maybe it’s what I’m thinking/overthinking!), is he REALLY nice and genuine or is there something more there than meets the eye? Well, the fact that he was still interested after we lost touch for a few months tells me that he MAY be pretty normal for some reason. And, he’s a nurse in the surgical unit at the hospital near where I live, he loves what he does, and he’s very close to his family. All plusses in my book. He also seems to enjoy living alone, being independent, and is very grounded. So, I like that. Could he be “too” low-key for me (again – funny for me to say that since I tend to think I am lowkey, but I do like a good night out too!!)? Time will tell – maybe. I think there may be a date #2, but we’ll see…hopefully so, and hopefully this time, dinner, not just coffee 😉