It’s been a very, very long, very intense work-week with some long days and frenzied activity, and that, combined with thoughts weighing on me regarding what this week WAS three years ago (my wedding/honeymoon in amazing Kauai!) made it a bit more trying (earlier in the week, not as much once the “day” got here, as I mentioned, it felt like a relief!). My mom passed along today’s quote Friday quote to me, and it’s absolutely fitting:

“Above all, be the heroine of your own life, not the victim!”

This is a quote from Nora Ephron’s commencement address at my mom’s graduation from Wellesley College in 1996 (she went back to school while we were in high school, and finished top TWO percent in her class – she’s amazing) and it’s powerful in many ways. For me, it speaks to being a strong, independent woman, fighting for what you believe in, and what you WANT in life, love, and friendship, and not taking the weak, meek, victim route when times get tough.

I’ve learned a lot about portraying confidence – even when I’m feeling the exact opposite – and not trudging around weakly or timidly. It makes a huge difference outwardly to others, but also inwardly. It’s amazing what a little confidence can do to one’s self-esteem, and when I’m feeling bad, or negative about something…myself, my body, or the dating ruts that come and go, I think back to all the good in my life, and all of those other negative things feel so paltry compared to all the good in my life.

I won’t say it’s easy to do – to always be positive (everyone has their days, me SO included!), but if you take charge of your life, and just barrel forward, get over the rough patches, and FIND the positive even in the negative, it goes a long, LONG way to de-victimizing your life (or your mindset) and realizing that in the grand scheme of things, life really ain’t so bad! 😉