So, as I clamour on the dating trail…I feel as though I am in a weird game of speed dating…but set in traffic – a lot of fits and starts and not really go anywhere fast. How’s that for an analogy?!

I’ve continued on for another three months, yet, I keep saying the same faces over and over, and not a lot of new and interesting. Or, if they are, and I email them, I don’t get a response. So, a friend of mine suggested I check out a free site she’s tried – OK Cupid – so I figured, heck, why not, right? So, I have a profile on there now as well, and some of the profile sections are interesting, and different than, which I like, but I am also seeing many of the same faces from Scary, isn’t it? Though I’m guessing others see me on both sites and are thinking the same thing (boy, I hope not…I’m not desperate, just dabbling!).

Anyway, I just wonder…am I saying the wrong things in my emails?! I ask because a) as mentioned above, I’ve emailed some guys that I think would be somewhat interested (I hope?!) based on similar interests etc., and then nada. And then, I was emailing this week with a guy on OK Cupid, and it seemed to be going well (he initiated the convo), and he mentioned meeting up for a glass of wine, and I emailed him back again (we were going back and forth a bit, just some banter about interests etc., and relationship history, at a very high level) and nothing. So after a day or so (and seeing that he’d definitely been online since then), I shot him another note…something about “happy Friday…did I scare you away with my workout rituals?” (we were talking about working out, and I am a bit of a workout-a-holic so he was just asking about it a bit). He responds, “no, you didn’t. But now that I think more about it, it doesn’t seem as though we have as much in common as I thought, and are looking for different things.”


So, I just wonder – was it something I said?! What are the rules here…are there rules?! It wasn’t as though I said anything to either extreme – just here for casual dating, or looking for “the one” – I kept it fairly light, but did mention my divorce (I do try to keep that as transparent as possible, it just feels like an elephant in the room, otherwise). So, is THAT it? The divorce “thing?” I’m not even sure that it is, since it’s clearly labeled in my profile anyway. So, I’m rambling a bit here, but I’m just at a bit of a loss, and maybe it’s just the nature of dating itself that gets frustrating (I’m sure that’s a big part of it), but it would be nice to meet someone and go on oh, more than one date, maybe even more than TWO dates (and heck, I can’t even get to the first date these days before scaring them off!).

That’s my rumination for the day…I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself off and charge onward, but I just had to get that out…any and all thoughts appreciated 😉


On another note, joining Twitter with my blog was a great decision. I am finding some GREAT people to follow and some new blogs. I just added another to my ever-growing blogroll, called Urban Crafter. So far, an amazing read. I’ll dig into that one a bit for a future post.


New season…new leaf, new blog layout. Whatdya think!?