Isn’t it funny how a certain song evokes a certain memory and suddenly you feel like – bam – you’re right where that initial memory brought you? That happened to me this morning, as I popped in one of my favorite Cathe workouts that I haven’t done in awhile. Suddenly, I was at my house, on a dreary, dark October 2008 morning, trying to focus on my workout and not on my surroundings, feelings or sadness…and at that moment this morning, I don’t think I could have been MORE relieved that life had “fast forwarded” a year and I wasn’t actually “in” that moment a year ago.

This week-ish last year (I say “ish” because “the situation” started brewing just after our wedding anniversary (ironically. 10/21) but didn’t fully culminate until – of all days – Halloween night (stay tuned for more on this on Saturday…) was the beginning of a very low time period for me, and to feel so completely 100% different now than I do then is so amazing to me. I wish I had actually started my blogging then, to truly see those feelings captured like a Polaroid picture, rather than in February when I started blogging (wow, it feels so much longer than February!), so all I can rely on right now is recalling how sad that time was and seeing how much things have changed.

On a similar note, Pete came by for dinner on Sunday (because yes, we are now getting together for dinner on occasion. what can I say, I make a mean crockpot dinner! LOL) and we got to chatting about things – where we are now vs. where we were then. I won’t go into a lot of detail on what we talked about, but I will say, as I have said before, our friendship is healthy and natural now, and a year ago, it was so forced, so sad, so angry, and so hurt. I think if it had continued along that path of strain, of trying to push towards staying together when he didn’t want to stay in the marriage, we’d end up hating each other. So, while we continued on the path to divorce, we came to that decision relatively quickly, which may sound sad and maybe even rushed, but what it did was ultimately “save” our friendship and our warm feelings for each other, not anger and hate. For that, I am grateful.

…and so utterly glad to be here, now, happy, than where I was then. Never again!


And on another victorious note – check out the debut post on Leaf Turning Moments – amazing post – 120 days and staying strong!! You go girl…you are amazing, strong, brave, and victorious!!