So, on the eve where my life took a sudden detour in a direction I never fathomed (it was Halloween that Pete officially decided he was going to move out), I thought the following quote was a good one for today’s quote Friday:

“Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.”

This is a lyric from “Second Chance” by Shinedown. I heard it this week on the radio and that lyric struck me (I think my brain now thinks in terms of my blog, I swear – it just comes to me sometimes, and feels so “right” for my posts). When Pete said goodbye to our marriage – it was a second chance, for him, but also for me. At the time, and really, only until recently (last 4-6 months or so) have I seen it that way, too. This period of my life has been so crucial to shaping who I’m becoming, and it does feel like I have the chance to really make it what I want. I feel that power, I have the support I need, and it’s just a matter of me making it happen – me and only me. It used to feel scary and daunting to think of it that way, but I’m doing it, and I have been doing it all along, whether I realized it or not.

I think this quote is a universal one, too. Anyone going through a transition in their life, whether it be the end of a job, and the beginning of another, to a move, to a new relationship, to ending a relationship – it’s a second chance…while we don’t get too many “second chances” in life, I think the most important thing is in realizing you have a second chance to make it happen – whatever that may be – rather than looking back and regretting not taking that leap of faith for that job/relationship/home etc. Though cliche – everything DOES happen for a reason, and seeing it that way is a driver (at least for me) in making the best/most of it, and finding my path.

Who’s with me?!