Coming off a really great night with BDF, where we “went down memory lane,” laughed like old times, talked about new times (our own observations on divorce, coming through it, etc – BDF’s boyfriend – who is AWESOME, totally approve BDF!! – is also divorced), I am realizing more and more that surrounding myself with “like” people really makes a huge difference.

It makes a huge difference to…

…have friends that value you, share common interests, values, and views and put as much into that friendship as you.

…have friends that have gone through similar experiences and know “just” what to say, and when to just listen.

…have friends that you can just pick up where you left off the last time you got together (even if it was years since you last actually saw each other).

…have friends that you can be brutally honest with all the time, and anytime, and it works for you.

I have such a great group of friends (and mind you, this isn’t a huge group of friends, it’s a circle of friends, from different walks of life) and with each of them, I have at least one or two of these areas in common with each, and I think that’s important, especially to have that circle when you’re going through tough times (I have never had a clearer picture of who my true friends are, than in this past year. Those that have dropped off, haven’t been genuinely my friends, and I’m okay with that. Sometimes it’s ok if you “outgrow” a friendship. It happens. It’s sad, but it happens). I’m thankful to be at a point in my life that I feel I’ve “sorted out” who my friends are, and who I can trust. Friendship, next to family, is probably the most important “constant” for me to have in life. Men will come and go, but friends and family – they’re a lifetime.


On a side note – I got a huge kick out of Snarkbutt Divorced latest post – trademarking my holy grail of hotness (or, HG of H) – check it out. Love it!