Sometimes I even amaze myself.

I took the plunge today…and have decided to take the plunge on something I have wanted to do for a long time – get certified to teach a kickboxing class!! Seriously, who IS this person?!

Now, sure, it scares the living daylights out of me, to be honest, but that’s why I am doing it, because I KNOW I can, I’m capable, I’m fun, and I can work out like the best of them! Now, how that translates in front of a group of people, microphoned, choreographed, sweating, and on stage – remains to be seen, but I am going to push for it, with the hopes of learning a lot, finding a new sense of confidence and presence (which will hopefully translate into work as well), and having a hell of a lot of fun (and hey, any pounds lost or other physical benefits, I’m all about!!)

To think about doing this a year ago, or even six months ago – I just don’t even think I’d consider it, so I look at myself and see a whole new person. Willing to take chances and put myself out there – above and beyond the relationship and dating scene, and into the year of ME, where I choose to do things for me, me, me. I’m excited, I know it will be hard, I know it will be scary and I know I will be completely out of my comfort zone, but I ‘m excited at where I’ll come out on the other side.

Check it out – it’s called Group Kick (and my sister will be blogging about this very topic tonight, no doubt!).


On another note – check out Mandy’s latest series on SinceMyDivorce – following The Quest for T’s journey – a good read. I love it!