It’s been one of those days (and weeks, really), where I feel like I have had this “hurry up and wait” mentality – mostly, at work, but partially on the dating front too (which, I realize, is going to be a reoccuring theme!!), so I had to chuckle at my horoscope today (I’m a Libra – we like balance!!):

You may seem a bit flighty today, making it tough for anyone to pin you down about important matters. But your desire to remain independent now is not about your inability to make a commitment. To the contrary, you are fully resolved to express yourself the very best you can. Your creative process is extremely valuable to you. Don’t say yes to anything that can get in the way of achieving your personal goals.

I hate the feeling of my thoughts being all over the place and nothing really feeling complete, or closed out on,ย and that’s exactly how I read into this horoscope, with committment = completness of thoughts and/or actions (work – all over the place, dating – all over the place), but thankfully, I feel like the one thing that IS working, is my ability to capture some of my personal goals, such as becoming a Group Kick instructor. Adding that as my “creative outlet” will give me a bit of balance, I think, to a hectic job, and an inconsistent dating life (but again, when is dating ever *really* consistent?!). As a Libra, I need that balance and equality and I’m feeling like I’m teetering onto the edge of that, and want it back.


…little teaser for tomorrow’s post – perchance an update on the dating progress (or lack thereof?!)…for fear of jinxing myself, still contemplating that post ๐Ÿ˜‰


WOW, I hit 13K hits today!! Thank you, once again, everyone!!