Haha – like today’s blog title? Hey, I can be witty from time to time ๐Ÿ˜‰

I promised an update in my teaser in my blog yesterday, so here it is – suddenly, I find myself with 3 potential date possibilities – three different guys asked me out this weekend (tsk…tsk…a shame that I a) have plans all weekend and b) don’t *usually* break my “rule” – no first dates on weekends)! And, on top of that, boy #8 resurfaced about a possible date #2, so actually, that’s four guys, right? As BSF said, when I told her – “hussy!” (all in good fun, of course).

So, this would make me up to boy #9, 10 and 11 (two from match, one from Ok Cupid). Right now, boy #9 (29) is my favorite of the three, he’s really cute, very active, loves to travel, and is a coffee lover (all good in my book!). Boy #10 is also pretty cute (34), is a bit of a foodie, works in healthcare (similar to boy #8). Boy #11 has a bit of a bad boy vibe to him – kinda digging it for some reason – sarcastic, funny, (28).

And finally… boy #4 (this is the diamond guy – he sells diamonds for a living…we went out – no joke – probably in early August, and since then, have kept in touch, but he had a ton of travel impacting his schedule and my fall was hectic, too, as we know!) may come back in the picture for date #2, buuuuut I am not going to reveal anything further until AFTER any of these dates happens…

But, I guess it’s true that relaxing and going with the flowing has helped me stress less about it, and it is apparently also helping me with dates! Thanks for all that have commented on my dating-related blogs in particular of late, with good advice, votes of confidence and general support overall. You rock.