Wow, I sound like either a) a hussy, or b) a chronic dater. Well, I guess one could say I’m a slight combo of both or neither, depending on how you look at it πŸ˜‰ Let’s just remember that of these 9 guys, I’ve only gone out with 5 of them…I think, or 4?!), as a few have fallen off here and there.

So, without further ado – a quick recap of date #1 with boy #9. I gave him (we’ll call him brainy blondie for now – he’s blonde, when the other guys I’ve gone out to, to-date have been brunette, not purposefully, and he’s smart, working in a research division of a local, big college here in Boston, with a master’s in engineering) free reign to pick out what we did today, because I picked him up (that was our fun compromise, since I live 30 mins north of him). So, he threw out a random idea – the zoo – and that’s what we did! I have NEVER been to the zoo in my LIFE, so I was actually sort of excited about it, and I thought it showed originality. And, the weather was absolutely gorgeous today (hit 70!!) so it was perfect. We had a great time, and then went for a drink down the street from his place. I think we have a good deal in common, but also just enough not in common to keep things interesting. And, I love that he has this intellectual side to him that makes him pretty driven, which I dig. He even volunteers at a halfway house down the street from him twice a week. That’s awesome, isn’t it?

So, the date ended with a hug, and a request to go out again (he brought it up – that’s a good sign, right?!). He has a wedding to go to in Wisconsin this coming weekend, and I have a trip to San Jose the following, but hopefully we can make plans somewhere in between there, because I would like to see him again, see what happens. There are a few other potentials floating around, and I’m keeping my options open of course, but I did have a good time, and am curious to see if this goes anywhere. Time will tell πŸ˜‰

At any rate, a great Sunday afternoon date. Whatdya think!?