I’ve really been digging a lot of what The Quest for T has been blogging about lately, so I thought it was only fitting to use today’s quote Friday to “borrow” a quote she used recently on her blog. It goes a little something like this

“Life is not what you see, but what you’ve projected. It’s not what you’ve felt, but what you’ve decided. It’s not what you’ve experienced, but how you’ve remembered it. It’s not what you’ve forged, but what you’ve allowed. And it’s not who’s appeared, but who you’ve summoned. And this should serve you well, beloved, until you find, what you already have.”
~Notes from the Universe

This quote SCREAMS perception to me, and I just love everything about it. It IS all about decisions (often, over feelings, or driven by feelings), memories (post-experience), and, for me, most importantly – not what you have forged but what you have ALLOWED – I equate this to letting it all go and just BEING, and taking it all in, to in turn, learning from it and becoming something even more kick-ass because of it – what is this it? It’s LIFE. It’s HURDLES. It’s CHALLENGES. It’s PAIN. And, it’s HAPPINESS. It’s all of the above. And that’s what I’m doing…I’m living it, and learning something new every day, whether I realize it or not at the time, and I’m just really enjoying that, it’s been a continued amazing journey for me and every day brings a new revelation. Can’t really get much better than that, can it?

Happy Friday everyone!!