And, I don’t mean in a “yeah, I’m hot, I’m dating all sorts of men” way. Not at all. I think embarking into the world of dating in July has taken me into the next stage of confidence-building and strength in terms of being able to talk to new people, step out of my “shy zone” that I tend to get into when I meet new people (either at work, or socially) and just be more open to striking up a conversation.

That was probably one of my worst fears when I was facing divorce – MEETING men, talking to them, getting comfortableย  and letting my guard down a bit (since I’d only been with one man for the last 10 years, that was probably the biggest hurdle), and I was thinking about the various types of guys I’ve gone on dates with, at this point, and they’ve been all over the map, and now that I’ve dated 7 different guys, the first date jitters aren’t nearly as bad and I’m more used to it. Sure, I’d rather get PAST the first date stage, but all in time, of course, but I sort of surprised myself when I was recapping the latest first date stories to one of my single friends (who is very much on the fence of taking the plunge into online dating) and I was giving her my take on things, from the “who pays?” question, to “do you talk on the phone first?” to “is there a second date?” and actually had responses! I guess I’m becoming more experienced in dating, huh?! Who knew?!

So, long story short, the reason I bring this up is because I think it’s also helping me in my professional life. I had to go to a conference yesterday and usually I DREAD things like that, where I have to network and talk to people I don’t know, and represent my company. But it wasn’t so bad, and I was fine chatting with “strangers” and explaining what our company does, etc. So I guess that’s a pretty good side benefit, huh? I think it will also help me next week, as I have to go to a two-day meeting in San Jose for a client and I am hoping it helps me portray confidence and that I know my shi$%t, because I do (I just don’t always show it sometimes!).


On a side note, check out BSF‘s latest blog, it’s a riot (something we concocted on the drive home from my date with boy #10!). My sister also has a pretty awesome blog today as well, so give it a read. I absolutely loved it.