Surprise – had date #2 with boy #10 last night!

We talked about date #2 pretty quickly after date #1 and at first, I was feeling a little skeptical and a smidge uneasy, as I was afraid it was going down the boy #7 path (as a) it was moving quickly from date 1 to date 2, and he initially suggested getting together at his place or mine to watch the Pats game – made me wonder if he was looking for a quick hook-up or something more. What can I say? It’s the overthinker in me working overtime yet again, because it totally didn’t turn into anything remotely like that, so the red flags in my brain slowly ceased, happily so. Even so, I opted for a neutral location – a nearby sports bar – to watch the game, and have dinner.

We met up around 7:30 and had a really great time. He was much more open, laidback and casual than the first time (I sensed slight standoffish-ness the first time, and couldn’t quite put my finger on it – but I really just think it was first date jitters or something) and we actually have a lot more in common personality-wise than I thought to. He came across as more of a social butterfly type, but he’s actually not. Of course, he loves a good time just like I do, but he’s also totally content hanging out at a local coffee shop reading a book, which I love.

And I think he’s into me, too, which feels like a bit of a switch (I have tended to feel as though I were the one pushing things along, while with boy #10, he’s been more the one doing the asking, and putting himself out there). He kept making comments that indicated future dates. For example, I said I have never golfed before (besides mini golf!) and he said he wanted to show me sometime. Or, I mentioned that I’ve never drank beer, just tasted it and hated it (besides, wine is so much tastier!) and he said he wanted to get me to try – and like – beer (he thinks it’s sexy when a woman drinks beer, which goes against my theory that it is NOT sexy for a woman to hold a beer. I have no idea why I think that, but to me, it looks sexier to hold a glass of wine, at least in my opinion!). So, the signs were there for a second date, and he was flirty, but casually so, and as we watched the game, he came to my side of the table to sit near me for the rest of the game, so we sat a bit closer (I certainly wasn’t complaining – have I mentioned this man is pretty darn hot?!). We stayed for the whole game, closed down the place, and walked out just shy of midnight (WAY past my bedtime – lol). He even gave me a kiss goodnight, which I welcomed, so all went well, in my book (even though his name IS Igor! Guess keeping an open mind is a good thing!!)

…and he texted me today, about a date #3 – could it be? could I BREAK the date #2 curse?! Stay tuned…


PS – I hit 14K followers overnight – thank you, yet again, as the visitor numbers keep piling up!!