Happy quote Friday everyone! It has been quite the week and I’ve gotten some really valuable insight from many of you on this week’s blogs, so I thought this sort of captured the week, but also in terms of some of the conversations going on here:

“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Being divorced puts things into perspective and really crystallized a lot for me – as I have said many, many times before. And I have been really enjoying some good rapport with seveal of my blog “friends” – The Quest for T, Snarkbutt Divorced (of course!), Student Mama and Big Little Wolf’s Daily Plate of Crazy – each with their own unique – yet “shared” perspective – on the various stages of divorce and life both before and after. There is so much to say about how eye-opening it is, and the a-ha moments I come across all the time – from traveling alone, to realizing being divorced isn’t “that” big a deal to anyone else looking in, to overcoming challenges with more vigor and strength than I ever thought possible – and I see these a-ha moments in my blog “friends” blogs on a daily basis and just want to jump through the computer and high-five them, hug them, or just jump up and down because I can TOTALLY relate.

Anyway, this quote just summarizes this nicely, because it’s not always so much about the challenge itself, but the journey to overcoming it that is the real “story.” I encourage you to read some of the feedback and comments on my blog posts this week – there are some goodies. And, thanks for reading and contributing and sharing this journey with me. I can’t thank you all enough – this is such a rewarding project for me, and I look forward to it daily!