I think I need to admit myself to Overthinkers Anonymous, or maybe I have a point – you be the judge!

So, similar to what Snarkbutt Divorced actually blogged about this week – around dating more than one person and being a bit uncomfortable with that, in a sense – I am sort of grappling with this as well. In two ways, for two reasons.

First, I have two dates coming up this week (I won’t specify when, for the jinx factor!) – #3 with boy #10 and #2 with boy #9 – and I’m looking forward to both, because these guys are SO different, and I’m curious how they’ll play out. I’m not so much uncomfortable with going out on a couple of dates with both simultaneously (I call that a blessing! LOL!), but more because why doesn’t that stop me from browsing the dating sites still??

There is another guy I am chatting with on Ok Cupid that is intriguing, though he may be more on the quiet side like boy #7 (the nurse), which is fine, but why do I keep looking when I have my hands full at the moment? I feel like I should see how these two play out first and then move ahead with any others that come up, but the other part of me worries about the “what if” factor – that small nagging question in my mind, that “what if” I don’t strike up a convo with a guy that interests me on match.com or Ok Cupid because I “have my hands full” when they could be the right guy for me?

Like I’ve said – I am having fun with this and not expecting to find the next “one” but it’s the overthinker in me that wonders if I should keep my options open by continuing to check out my “top matches” everyday and seeing who, if anyone, is emailing me (and vice versa, emailing any that interest me), or stick with what I’ve got going right now – which is great, don’t get me wrong – and see how those play out first. I hem and haw with it, and overthink way too much.



Overthinking Ollie 😉