Wow. I am SO excited for the holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s – and it is starting to hit me how happy I really am, and really optimistic about 2010. 2009 was a year of growth and renewal for me, but it had its fair share of ups and downs, obviously, as well. So, while last year the holidays were tough for me, as my emotions were so raw and I was just so sad, given how new the pending divorce was, at the time, this year, I am so excited to spend time with family and friends.

I was talking to my sister Jen about the holidays last night, and was sharing how happy I am going into the holidays, and thinking back to last Thanksgiving, when she made a really selfless decision for ME, to come spend Thanksgiving with me and my grandparents, while my brother-in-law went alone to his family’s Thanksgiving dinner. It meant the world to me, and to this day, I am so grateful she did that for me, because I don’t think I could have gotten through the day without her.

So, looking at this Thanksgiving, and the holidays in general, I’m happy to also have the freedom to go whereever I want (rather than in years past, have to split time with my now-ex in-laws in CT., and my own family), when I want. It feels good to be able to do that, and get the most out of the holidays this year in particular. I have a lot to be thankful for, and will use some of this week’s posts to talk about all that I’m thankful for.


On a side note, I’m also looking forward to Thanksgiving as I am running my first 5-miler race with my sister Jess and my brother-in-law. Last year, I remember watching them run it and wonder how they do it, as I had never run a step before, let alone run. I love a good workout but running was always my stumbling point. I started running in February and have worked my way up to a handful of 5Ks, and am looking forward to conquering a longer 5-mile run! I’ve been doing it weekly, leading into it, so I think – and hope – I am ready!