Continuing on this week’s theme of being thankful…I’m thankful for surrounding myself with genuine people. What do I mean by that? Well, a few things. I think stressful life situations that impact one’s psyche emotionally and mentally does wonders for realizing who’s really by your side and who’s not in a time of need. And, it has helped me crystallize my support system, and who I WANT in my life – the types of people, and friends, and well, now, men that I date.

On that first point – I’ve had some amazing friends and family step up to the plate and have been there for me in amazing ways…from just listening, to letting me cry, to laughing with me, and reveling in my dating shenanigans, to just being there quietly for me, not overbearing, not pushing their advice or past experiences on me, but truly being supportive in the ways I needed it. Holding back when I needed space, and being right there with me when I need them most.

I have also realized that sometimes you DO “outgrow” relationships or friendships and that’s a natural evolution sometimes. From these realizations, I now surround myself with geunine people – those that love and care for me and are real. Nothing worse in my mind than being fake or dishonest, and I don’t really think I would have seen it, had I not gone through the emotional rollercoaster than has been 2009. Not to say that one must get divorced or have a stressful life situation impact them, but for me, that has been one positive offshoot – genuine people, and, being more genuine myself.

In terms of dating, I have seen first-hand lots of what I call “mis-intentions” or saying ONE thing and doing ANOTHER. It sort of smacked me in the face at first, but now, I realize that some guys are full of BS (women too, I know!) and if you take a step back, it’s easier to see that before it truly hits you upside the head.

So, I’m thankful for the small circle of family and friends – both near and far, both “real” and “online” (my blogger friends – you are part of this genuine circle!). Can I get a “cheers” to that? 🙂