You read that correctly! I am thankful for my ex-husband. Of course, that comes with a few caveats, of course. I say I am thankful for Pete because of a few reasons:

  1. he made a decision that I never would have made myself (as I’ve said before, I didn’t see or realize that our marriage had dwindled to basically a friendship), and that decision has led to a wonderful phase of my life that I wouldn’t trade anything for. I wouldn’t obviously give credit to him for where my life is right now, but for making the decision itself.
  2. we’ve worked hard at staying friends – something I didn’t think he would maintain, at the beginning. While I know this relationship will continue to evolve and shift, it’s been healthy for us to continue along, even as we both have entered the dating world in full force. He still comes to me for advice on some of it, and actually seems to appreciate the advice I give him (on dating, but on other things too – work, family etc) and, once in awhile, his advice to me isn’t so shabby either 😉
  3. we had a great “run” and I wouldn’t change that for anything either. We had a really good 10 year relationship and marriage, and I learned a lot from him, we had fun together, we took trips (Aruba, Hawaii, Vegas, etc) and as he told me once, he wouldn’t have wanted to spend that time with anyone else. I agree, I won’t forgot those moments, and feel good about it.

So, taking this not-so-literally, I’m more thankful for my ex for just that – making a decision I never could have, because it truly was (warning – cliche alert!!) a “blessing in disguise” and I really couldn’t be happier with where I am right now, in life, in friendships/family, and even, in the dating world! So, to quote Bryan Adams – these were some of the best days of my life (and I wouldn’t change anything about it!).


On a side note…a few dating updates – I am going on date #4 with “the Russian” tonight…wish me luck (hoping this isn’t jinx-worthy…only jinx-worthy on first/second dates?!) and date #2 with boy #9 (brainy blonde) likely this weekend…stay tuned for all the details in a future post 😉


I hit 15K views overnight – VERY excited to hit that milestone! I’m also arranging many more per day than I was even three months ago – just hovering around 100 hits a day. Very cool. Who knew blogging could be so fun?!