Recently, two of my good friends got engaged (one of them is BDF! I am so happy for her!!) and it’s gotten me thinking, in a weird way, that maybe one day I DO want to get married again.

When asked about if I ever want to get married again (by friends, family etc), I tend to respond with “never say never” because I really don’t know if I will want to in the future…and it’s sort of a hard question to answer being single, too, because you never DO know until you’re at a point where you’re with someone you could envision marrying. And, considering that when asked why I married Pete, I really don’t have a good answer (in a way, I think we just went with it, since we’d been together for 7 years at that point, and it just felt as if it were the next step, logically), and am not sure if I want children in the future (to me, wanting children would be more of a driver to want to be married, the second time around, anyway), I really AM on the fence if I do want to marry again “one day.”

However, recently, in seeing how happy BDF is with her fiancee (and how supremely well they fit together, especially compared to her ex, and how much more “her” she is than ever before) and spending the day with my other friend that got engaged recently (she was my first college roommate – and she rocks!) and hearing about her engagement and pending wedding plans, it sort of makes me think that maybe I DO want that someday…not necessarily the whole wedding thing (since I didn’t even do that the first time around…though sometimes I even thing maybe I MIGHT dig the whole wedding thang πŸ˜‰ ), but marriage, if it feels right, and it’s for the right reasons. The one thing I did love about being married was that “complete” feeling, and that sense of safety, and unity…and maybe I don’t need a marriage to HAVE those things in a companion, but time will tell, I suppose…never say never?!


On a side note…I must say, CSB is still completely, utterly, 100% the holy grail of hotness. Damn…why isn’t he single?! πŸ˜‰