It’s been a fantastic Thanksgiving/long weekend and I have no complaints…yet, I have had no plans at night on Thursday (well, it WAS Thanksgiving after all!), Friday, or Saturday night. And I was completely okay with that!

I thought I might have date #2 with boy #9 over the weekend, but didn’t (we actually have plans tonight…stay tuned for deets on that tomorrow!), so I actually really just enjoyed being home, catching up on sleep (MUCH needed from the past two weeks, with my trip to San Jose and some late nights), and having a couple of glasses of wine. The idea of a whole weekend without evening plans used to scare the crap out of me (even as recently as September, I was having trouble coping with being alone), and make me feel like a loser, so I’ve tended to try to fill my weekends as much as possible over the last year for that very reason (and of course, to be social!), but I embraced this weekend as much as possible.

Admittedly, being by myself much of the weekend made my mind wander to the dating pool and when I’ll find someone that moves beyond a few dates to something more substantial, but I know that will come in time, and it’s not something I should rush, worry about or get down about (gave myself a mental pep talk – blog, aren’t you proud?!). So, all in all, it was time well spent, and I’m looking forward to rounding out the weekend with boy #9…we’ll see how it goes.