Sometimes the unexpected can smack you upside the head, and sometimes it can be pretty darn good. Last night was a darn good unexpected, to say the least! Date #2 with boy #9 (brainy blonde) went well beyond my expectations…so much so that I’m feeling a bit giddy, I must say!

Boy #9 came over yesterday evening for dinner, and I was going into it thinking that it would shed light on the chemistry factor, for one, and two, give me more insight into where it could possibly go from there (either to another date, or none at all) – basically, a “we’ll see” attitude. It’s hard to explain really just how well the night went, in my mind, but I’ll do my best to share the highlights.

He came by my place last night, and we went to dinner at a local bistro/bar down the street from me. Conversation flowed nicely, nothing awkward, and a lot of laughs, and common interests. He runs, I run (okay, he runs an almost 6 min mile and has run four half-marathons – me, notsomuch!), he likes “old school” rock music, so do I, he likes comedy, I like comedy, we both love to travel, work out, a good breakfast. Yes, these are fairly random things, but we definitely saw eye to eye on a lot, and it was great. We went back to my place around 9:30 and from there, I’ll leave it at this – “chemistry testing” until 12:30 or so…and I wasn’t complaining 😉 He’s very complimentary, but respectfully so, not crass or anything like that, a gentleman as well, which I totally dig (chivalry isn’t dead!). He ended up staying over as it was getting late, (don’t get any ideas…not like “that!”), and I enjoyed having someone to cuddle up next to, and it actually felt pretty natural, too. So, needless to say, I have a goofy grin on my face today, as it felt like of all the dates I’ve had, this feels the most real, with the most potential.

So, I’m embracing the unexpected, and excited to see what happens next…hopefully it progresses and isn’t another false start, but feels very promising at this point. A little hurrah of sorts 😉


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