For the first time ever, I’ve been the one to end it with a man. Is that weird? Of course, “the Russian” and I only had a few dates, so it wasn’t like a break up in any shape or form, but usually – okay, ALWAYS – in my dating/relationship/married life, I’ve somehow always been on the receiving end of things coming to an end. Either, I’ve been dumped, divorced, or shafted…what’s up with that?! 😉

So, it felt sort of weird to be the one to be “in the driver’s seat” so to speak, when “the Russian” asked if I wanted to get together again. I was hesitant to be upfront about it, but then one of my friends reminded me of my number one peeve – dishonesty by men in the dating world – and that I should TAKE my own advice and just be honest. She was so right, silly of me to even consider letting it linger on. So, I was honest and let him know that I didn’t think we had enough in common and felt we were looking for different things. I still felt badly doing it because I know how crappy it feels to be on the receiving end of that, but somehow I don’t think it bruised his ego much (he seems to have somewhat of a big ego, to be honest!). It was just so odd to be on the other end of that…for once!

And, before anyone thinks I am putting all my eggs into one basket with boy #9…I’m not, because I already felt hesitant about “the Russian” before fab date #2 with boy #9, and knew it was going to come to a close anyway. But, I am hopeful that things move forward with him, once he’s back from his business trip. We’ll see 😉


on another note – I surpassed 16K visits last night – how crazy? The uptick in visits continues to grow to almost 200 daily…amazing. Thank you!