Not taking the backroads of life!

This was my epiphany as I was spinning the life out of my bike during tonight’s spin class (my blog posts come from all sorts of random inspirations, clearly!!). I’ve been going to my current gym for just about a year, as my old gym unexpectedly closed. I was sad at first, because I really liked my gym, and a particular elderly man that manned the front desk on weekends and LOVED to talk to me and Pete – Bob. He was awesome. When Pete wasn’t with me at the gym on cold winter mornings, he’d send me home with a note of “demerit” for his no-shows…and he just sort of took us under his wing. And then “the situation” started and I could barely look Bob in the eye and was dreading telling him the truth about us…he’d always ask about Pete, and I’d make up a reason why he wasn’t with me (inside, on the verge of tears). So, when my gym closed, I was actually a bit relieved because I didn’t have to “break” the news to Bob!

Anyway…long story short…fast forward to today. I was riding the life out of my bike – gazing at CSB aka HG of H of course – to “Life is a Highway” and it hit me…I’m riding the highway of life – front and center – facing my fears and challenges head-on – rather than taking the “backroads” and hiding away. When I stepped into my very first spin class last December, I was a wreck. I was nervous, I was SUPER SHY (I still have a shyness in me, but in the last year, I think that’s been erased a bit), and cowered in the back. And then CSB came over and introduced himself – HOTNESS of course was the first thing I thought – and I barely said two words to him! Forget about flirting or even really admitting he was cute, I just wanted the conversation to end. I used to be much worse at meeting new people, and that’s a great example of something that has changed over the last year.

On top of that..who knew that in just about a week, I’d shift from taking classes to training to TEACH them at my gym?! So, that was my epiphany today…I’m on the highway of life, I’m riding it, enjoying the curves, detours, road blocks, and scenery, instead of cowering on the backroads, and neglecting any challenge I see. Feels pretty damn good.