I feel as though I am turning a corner in this journey, and it’s wide and deep. I am coming into a time where I feel like I am becoming the person I never thought I could be, and in large part because of the choices I have made in the last year. With that, here’s my quote for Quote Friday:

“We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves.”

My REAL self is finally coming to light, because I am making choices – some risky, some out of my comfort zone – that is making me into ME…the me nobody ever saw before (or rarely saw, or only saw behind closed doors, or only FEW saw), and I am relishing it.

For some reason, I guess I am noticing it more recently (and several friends have mentioned it this week, as well as some of my blog friends!)ย – this week in particular – as I just feel like I’m “over the hump” and nothing about my divorce really makes me that sad anymore, not being alone, not starting over, not living alone, not selling my house, not being single, not being 30 AND divorced. I just feel good, and I’m EXCITED for the holidays, and for the new year to roll around.

I remember vividly the clock striking midnight last New Year’s Eve, and I just felt empty, and nolstalgic, and lost…wondering when the fire I thought I used to have would come back, and where I’d go from here. My life is COMPLETELY different now (yet in some ways, still the same…friends, family, job etc) and I never fathomed where I’d be. It’s a remarkable feeling, and if 2009 was my transition year, and it’s turned out so well, I can’t even imagine where I’ll be in December 2010. Sky’s the limit!!