I haven’t seen Pete in a few weeks (might even be a month?), but we’ve talked here and there, but it’s sort of waned (he’s been busy, I’ve been busy…we’ve both been dating various people etc) lately. Not in a bad way, but I’ve noticed it recently. So I saw him today, as we met up to finally split off our cell phone bill, and when I saw him, I had a surprising reaction.

I missed him, and was glad to see him.

Not in a I miss you because I want you kind of way, but in a familiar, friendship, it’s been too long kind of way. We chatted for a few while we were figuring out our cell plans, and it was just GOOD to see him, good to catch up. We talked about getting together at some point this weekend or next week, for dinner (whether he’ll admit it or not, he misses my crockpot recipes! haha!), and then we went our separate ways. I was a little bit sad after, and I’m not sure if it’s just because I missed talking to him, or because he looked a little bit sad too…maybe he missed me too (again, NOT in that way), and didn’t know how to take that reaction either. I guess it can be chalked up as a good sign, that we both do value each other in our lives, and that will hopefully continue. I’m happy where we are, as friends, and am confident it will continue, healthily, and not hurtfully or emotionally draining (as so many ex relationships tend to become).

As I say…what works for us, doesn’t work for everyone. But it works, so I don’t question it!

Happy weekend everyone!