I continue to be pleasantly surprised by boy #9 (brainy blonde), and am really enjoying spending time with him! We had our third date yesterday afternoon.

It was supposed to be mostly an afternoon date, because he had a holiday party to go to around 7, so we met up around 2 at his place (his place, by the way, is nice, an apartment in a Boston suburb, nicely decorated, but not overly decorated, or “trying too hard” – some IKEA flair too). He has the cutest kitty ever (NOT as cute as mine, of course, but a close second. Milo, he’s black and white, super vocal and has diabetes! But very friendly, too), too, I might add. When I walked in, he gave me a quick kiss, and it felt natural, as it this wasn’t *just* our third date. We opted to go to a movie at a local theater (The Men Who Stare at Goats – GREAT, FUNNY movie!), and on the drive back, we somehow got on the topic of Indian food and I said I’d never had Indian food (why I haven’t, I have no idea!) and he said “that’s it – we HAVE to get Indian food!” so, off we went for an early dinner.

We chatted more about past relationships, what we’d learned from them, where we want to travel etc. (he was engaged six years ago, but she cheated on him. Similar to me, he’s glad they aren’t together now, because he was sort of going through the motions, anyway. Last long-term relationship was a year ago, for a year, with a girl he met on match…promising?!). He’s very thoughtful, and thought-provoking, and I really dig that, because it makes ME think and keeps me on my toes. I don’t think I’ve ever had that before, in a relationship, in the past.

For example, when we were emailing during the week about plans, I asked if he was “type A” like me about being a planner for things, and he responded with something like this “I’m actually more of a spontaneous/go with the flow type, but when it comes to dating and relationships, I think a bit of planning should go into it, otherwise you do the laziest thing possible at the last minute, and that leads to complacency.” Um, well put?! I thought so, anyway.

So, we ended up at his place. For awhile. Ended up leaving closer to 9, so he was oh, just a wee bit late for his party, but that’s ok, right?! 😉

One last thing (and okay, I realize, I am gushing, and I hope I don’t regret that!) – he’s very complimentary, and it makes me feel pretty damn amazing inside…while I’ve gained some confidence, I still look in the mirror and see flaws more so than the good parts, but he’s good at teaching me to do the opposite – embrace having some curves, and some muscle, and not being straight up and down (and I do, to a certain extent, but again, I also pick out all my flaws first!) – his compliments aren’t pushy or for an ulterior motive either, at least not from what I have experienced so far, and that too, is refreshing. It feels natural…and I hope that continues. Again, hoping my gushing post here isn’t going to backfire on me, but I just want to get my thoughts out on paper, so now you all get to read it too 😉